Courage is one step ahead of fear

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So tonight is something i’ve been waiting for my whole life, ive dreamt of this day for years.. since i can imagine..  i called the coach and said “coach i am going to be a roadrunner next year!”

    - because my dad is a high school football/baseball coach i’ve seen athletes committ to huge schools and commit to small schools. obvisouly the bigger school recruits get more recognition but still any athlete who plays in college is a great athlete. so ive been around this, seen commits to marlyand, duke etc. that was my dream a huge school like thatt but i finally realized im 5’5 135 lbs.. thats not me..

   - my best friend is playing soccer at seton hall, other at tennesse etc.. but i decided to play division 3 soccer where it doesnt take over my life and i have time to myself and time to succeed in school.

i am majoring in electronic media broadcasting communications at RAMAPO COLLEGE OF NEW JERSEY .. where i will play soccer and enjoy myself for 4 years.. for those of you that dont know its about 20 minutes outa NYC which is great for internships and job offers.

 soo i may not be going to UNC  or PENN ST but i am a happily committed college athlete .. :)

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